Today in the city Guelph 17.10.2018
If Canada Post Goes On Strike, How Will I Get My Weed?

At the stroke of midnight Wednesday, provincial pot retailers opened for business online. But news of possible strike at Canada's largest deliverer of parcels has thrown a wrench into the ordering mac...

Election planning started 2 years ago for Guelph’s city clerk’s office

The city says $500,000 has been budgeted for the municipal election, which has been allocated by council over the last four years.

Quebec Should Embrace Cannabis To Promote The Economy

The new Quebec premier Francois Legault of the Coalition Avenir Quebec says he wants to put more money in the pockets of Quebecers.And now that the CAQ has the mandate of a majority government, his wo...

Globe Drive: Rolls-Royce enters SUV market with the Cullinan

It's big, bold, and unmistakingly a Rolls-Royce. The Cullinan is the luxury automaker's entry into the hot super-SUV market that already sees offerings from Lamborghini to Bentley. Rolls say...

Langer remporte haut la main le Championnat SAS

CARY, N.C. - Bernhard Langer a aisément remporté le Championnat SAS dimanche avec six coups d'avance et s'est forgé une avance en vue des éliminatoires de la Coupe Charles-...

Marc Leishman gagne la Classique CIMB

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaisie - Marc Leishman a signé une carte finale de 65 (moins-7) qui lui a permis de remporter la Classique CIMB par cinq coups, dimanche, égalant du même coup...

Jean Chrétien’s thoughts on a round of golf with Bill Clinton, and the bogeyman Trump

In My Stories, My Times, the former prime minister tells stories from his long career in politics and beyond. And he’s not always diplomatic.

Why keep Toronto’s city-owned golf courses? Golf Canada CEO weighs in

Golf Canada's Laurence Applebaum feels that instead of scrapping the golf features from the properties altogether, mixed-use facilities could be added to the courses to make the most of the spaces.

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